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Wrong or Strong(Mars meets Chiron)

Why is everything my fault? I always do all the work in this relationship! My libido is controlling my life.Why do i always attract toxic relationships? These are some of the themes of the energy this week as Mars meets Chiron on Tuesday.

I am sure you already feel the vibes,we are all working with this energy of healing. Some people will not change a thing about their movements but others will. Are you wrong or strong? that is the question. Ask yourself this week am i upset about something that wounded me in the past and i am acting it out with this person or in my life? if so be strong,try to deal your faults and short comings due to a wounded past in some area of your life. You may just find that you are not alone by sharing your experiences with a trusted source.And if you cant talk to someone write it out, sweat it out with a workout or just scream!!!! the point is to release the BOONANA ,lol

Here is link with some more info on this energy with tarot

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